Upload and manage

Manage and publish your videos on the web pages or in widgets dedicated to the streaming

Live and On Demand

Publish video on demand, video playlists and stream live events With a single plugin

Pay per view

Earn from your videos using your PayPal account and professional pay-per-view licenses

A plugin for all your online video needs

WimTVPro offers the following features:

  • Publish streaming free or pay per view video on demand and playlists, live events and recorded video of live events that have been already broadcasted
  • Set your privacy to make videos available to everyone or only to certain users
  • Embed your live and on demand videos on any site
  • Control and monitor access analytics for your content
  • Using the WimTV API's, create your own custom app for smartphones, tablets and smartTVs
  • Set your own custom player
  • Create a video channel on WimTV, becoming part of the community

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Video Marketing for your Brand

"with WimTVPro anyone can set up a web video distribution service such as Netflix”

Leonardo Chiariglione

MPEG Founder

Who is WimTVPro for?

WimTVPro is dedicated to entertainment markets (broadcasters, local TVs), video, film and television production companies, web agencies, video/filmmakers, organizers of exhibitions and events, video businesses, organizations working in the field of education (universities, training and research) and all video archives owners that wish to take advantage of a simple, effective and powerful Video Content Management.

More than 5000 users have already chosen WimTVPro and WimLabs services